Joshua Ledet’s New Song – Stunningly Beautiful 8/29/12

Josh Ledet "The Sound of a Heart Breaking"Joshua Ledet premiered his new song on a live broadcast of iheartradio yesterday and I am almost embarassed to admit how many times I have listened to it already! Seriously folks, at first I replayed it just to hear it some more. Then I told myself that I needed to listen some more to make sure the recording was acceptable. After that, I decided that I needed to type out the lyrics…and of course, to do that, guess what you have to do? Yes, listen to it some more!Josh Ledet "The Sound of a Heart Breaking"

You know how you feel when you hear a song so good you want to go out in the street and scream out its name?  Or call people you know and say, listen, you gotta listen to this? Well, this is one of those songs. It’s bluesy, sensual, and the perfect fit for Josh’s voice.  Mark down the date, this is going to be a classic heartbreak song, for sure. 

The lyrics are ones that everyone who has ever had a broken heart can connect with, I swear, I’ve said some of these words before! The verse that goes ”couldn’t believe when she said I don’t need you no more” and “can’t hardly breathe, on my knees in the way of the door” fits the history of about a hundred people I know, myself included. Oh and my favorite: “this is the sound of a heart breaking every time I see your face, I’m falling down, ain’t gonna make it, nobody else can take your place”….well, if you’ve ever been in love, you’ve probably felt like this when you lost that love, right?

Josh Ledet "The Sound of a Heart Breaking"I was almost at a loss for words, and for me that’s really saying something! My problem is usually the opposite, too much to say:) Musically, I really love the way the song builds in intensity, ebbs and flows just like you want your heartbreak songs to do…and then throw in that signature Josh scream/growl (hard to describe but listen and you’ll see what I’m talking about) and you’ve got yourself one classic tune.

In the American Idol tour this summer, Josh made headlines with hisJosh Ledet "The Sound of a Heart Breaking" stunning rendition of “This is a Man’s World” receiving long standing ovations every time he sang it.  I saw him perform it in Atlanta and Nashville and have wracked my brain trying to figure out how to see him sing it again! Well, this is another one of those songs…Josh, you can’t see me but I’m here in Atlanta, on my feet for you!  Great job on your first post-Idol release. I feel honored and proud to have watched you this season and cannot wait to see what your future holds.Josh Ledet & Sunny McMann Atlanta

See more of my Josh Obsession on his Pinterest board or his “Josh Ledet” page! And I have a Josh playlist started at :)

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16 thoughts on “Joshua Ledet’s New Song – Stunningly Beautiful 8/29/12

  1. Does anyone know what is going on with Joshua Ledet. I am addicted to his voice and can’t wait to hear more from him. The dude can SING!!!!!!

  2. i came upon this song my accident. OMG, who is this person with this amazing voice. I began to read the comments and discovered Joshua was on AI last season. i found “It’s a Man’s World”. I wanted to cry! Then I found “When a Man Loves a Woman, I was speechless!!! All I can say is that I am addicted to his voice. I watched all of his AI performances last year and I am in
    awe of him. He has all the qualities to become one of the greats. Thanks for allowing me express my appreciation for a God given talent with other fellow Joshua Ledet fans.

  3. Btw it’s the first song I play over and over and still can’t get enough of it, I can only wish him the best & may God bless him & all his fans keep him safe and healthy till I die at least :) bout another 50 years :D Al~Beirut, Lebanon.

  4. This is the song & the sound I’ve always been waiting for, I can’t get enough of it either & I always think he should scream at the end MAAAAAAAaaaaannnn…hope the studio version will be a longer version as well, I’m still disappointed & mad they didn’t announce him the American idol winner it’s not about prize or the votes, it just shows how people can be unreasonable most of the times and driven in wrong directions, the judges even admited he was the best in 50 yrs, id say he’s the best so far ever and will remain the best for the next few hundred years.

  5. WOW!! I am listening to this song for the first time and I’m just so blown away by the superb quality of Joshua”s voice! This young man sings with so much soul! I am so enjoying this song of his! Each time I keep saying let me listen to it for one more time and that was almost an hour ago! I can’t seem to stop! I’m sitting at my desk at work and listening to this beautiful song by a very talented and awesome singer! Joshua Ledet you are Amazing and I KNOW I will be listening to many many more of your great songs to come!

  6. This is one of those hold me songs. Just hearing it creates an image of intense raw emotions. After the first chorus, even if your heart has never been broken, you want to be held or to hold somebody,… anybody. Half way through you can sense the ending will possess an intense emotional climb. However, his smooth delivery, never fails to surprise listeners as they are compelled to listen to Joshua growl out an anticipated lyrical climax. Next you have to hear it one more time, then two more times and so on….you can not get enough. Joshua Ledet addicts are never satisfied.

  7. Thank you Ms.Sunny for writing this article on Joshua!I love the way he sings any song but this one is his own and I can’t get enough!!!!I am patiently waiting for his album.I hope it won’t be long

  8. SUNNY you are a JEWEL! and Joshu make me wanna HOLLER!

    • Thanks Jan, you’re too kind…and I LOVE it! Yes, I agree about Josh, he is crazy good and both times I saw him live I did holler very loudly:) The second time I saw him was in Nashville and it’s funny because the people on either side of me were big Colton and Skylar fans and when Josh’s set first began I stood up, started screaming and also started filming….and they looked at me like I was crazy! However, they were soon on their feet and at the end of “It’s a Man’s World” were whooping & hollering along with me! He has that effect. P.S. Thx so much for commenting, means te world to get feedback. – Sunny

  9. Thank you Sunny for all your wonderful work you do on the Idols. This song is just beautiful, Joshua is a powerhouse.

  10. This is so exciting! This song sounds so amazing live I can’t wait to hear the studio version! It’s got to be a HUGE hit for Joshua!

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